Earth Keeps Pulsating… No One Knows Why?

The debate hasn’t reached a tipping point of interest, the article reads.

As we have said countless times, it is not only the future of the human species that is at stake but all the knowledge taken for granted: science is also entering rocky waters as the paradigm is about to collapse.

The culmination of all our societal ills will soon become unbearable.

Anybody following the bigger picture can clearly see what is going on as any bits of data are pointing to the fact that the Universe calls for our immediate and vivid attention. That the “divide and conquer” mantra must come to an end, and fast.

The same in the scientific world, which will have to recognize that few immutable truths or Natural Laws eventually. Earth is pulsating because it is an entity that is alive and conscious. Of course, it is a matter of harmonics as everything vibrates and spins in the universe, but science will not go there because it won’t admit that regarding matter as innate and manipulable at will was the hugest scientific blunder ever.

Vibration is the manifestation of Consciousness itself and the 2nd Principle. There are 7 of them and all rule over other secondary natural laws. That is why it is said that silence is golden and that Truth can only be found in stillness, it is the only way to access one’s own resonance connecting with the life force.

The controllers of the world, and throughout history, have always known that preventing access to inner knowledge, and tapping into it as the brain is the decoder of Consciousness, will allow them to remain in power.

The very fact that our planet pulsates very precisely, every 26 seconds, does too demonstrate the fractal aspect of life. That the Universe is self-similar across scales. Our heartbeats also pulsate regularly, showing their own fractal pattern.

The sun too pulsates, its “dark spots” may just manifest the same characteristics but on a bigger scale. And rightfully, we made a quick search this morning: it is now accepted in the field that the intensity of the Sun varies along with the 11-year sunspot cycle.

Moreover, in 2015 The Scientist magazine wrote quite an eye-opener, acknowledging that strange stars pulsate according to the Golden Ratio. Calling Phi an irrational number is quite ironic as it can be found everywhere in nature. The article also contends that our sun does not pulsate according to the Golden Ratio because its brightness is constant, which is wrong because the dark spots’ activity regulates the latter.

We feel like there is conflicting data on the subject in the mainstream, and that research should probe this further… but it doesn’t seem like a scientific priority as there is no academic interest in proving that the Universe is conscious. It has zero intent to prove the 7 Hermetic Principles correct.

Earth keeps pulsating simply because she responds to electric waves exchanged with the sun and her internal wobbling around her own axis. Because all waves are matching opposite forces originating from the cosmic stillness. Like a pendulum, these waves gain momentum and then fade in turn, and so on… ensuring the cycles of life perpetuate themselves.

The Universe follows the rhythm of a cosmic pendulum. The 5th Principle.

(Oct 30 2020 )Earth Keeps Pulsating Every 26 Seconds. No One Knows Why. Maybe you can solve this strange seismic mystery. It seems like reams of new scientific research emerge every day, but the mystery pulse is a good reminder that so much remains to be discovered. Scientists have studied the pulse and debate its origin, but it just hasn’t reached a tipping point of interest to be solved. Discover explains that researchers have likely been studying higher-priority seismic events instead, which makes sense.

Astronomer Szabó, who leads the working group studying Kepler data on RR Lyrae stars, says he is not yet convinced that the golden ratio, in this case, is more than a coincidence… Although the sample of stars in this study was very small, the researchers noticed an intriguing pattern among the four stars with pulsation frequencies close to the golden ratio. These stars all exhibited fractal behavior — never-ending patterns that repeat on continuously smaller scales — whereas the two non–golden ratio stars did not.



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