Does Physics Negate Free Will?

The Only Free Will That Exists Is To Be Aware Of Not

The only free will that has ever existed is to accept — or not — that everything is connected, and trying to bypass that aspect equates to committing suicide.

The video below highlights the problem with physics attempting to prove or debunk the free will argument based on the (im)probability of any random factor(s).

In fact, our position is really simpler as the latter acknowledges that Consciousness drives everything and that every discovery has absolutely nothing to do with randomness at all. Nothing is a coincidence.

One stage of awareness leads to the next level up. That is why it is so important to continually expand the latter. There is no debate anymore because science knows that consciousness exists as energy. It is just that science will continue to invoke the scientific method for the sake of it. Academia could unravel if admitting that the universe is sentient.

Our current pollution levels are not random but the results of an agenda seeking to terraform the planet. There is no coincidence. You can look at the problem from various angles and the same conclusion will surface. All the suffering in the world have not happened out of the blue either.

Yes, nothing is random in the universe which constantly plots the unfolding of life. And if we can’t decipher the Laws, it is not because we’re still clueless that we’ve to pretend that they do not exist. Every day we can see them at work. And when pondering all that, everything seems chaotic. But chaos “is” order.

So it’s all becoming too obvious: fear causes a different kind of chaos, a chaos that can be controlled in the material world. And should we wake up en masse, Cosmic Chaos would come into play and fix the material world. A shift in mindset, just that.

Both chaos, the good and the bad one, can simultaneously evolve in parallel for a very long time. They happen to meet when the amount of pain triggers a new collective awareness, and the “good chaos” then wins over the “bad chaos” because the latter is the result of a mass delusion. This is more complex but explaining it with simple words is important here.

One is for real and one is totally fake!

Throughout the ages, the ‘powers that be’ have perfectly known how Natural Laws operate and that is why they still have the upper hand and will resist any possible awakening of the masses.

The implications are so much more profound though: could you imagine what would happen… IF… 50% of the population could grasp what the 0.01% knows about Natural Laws? And what would we do, once armed with that powerful knowledge?

Because, you see, if there wasn’t a majority preventing Natural Laws from being kept hidden, ignorance would help perpetuate the same millennia-old status quo. The future of humanity is our responsibility.

Our free will rests on that very understanding now.

So it is up to us to endorse the Laws of Nature and help spread the word about their importance. This is what most religious doctrines try to explain using metaphors and allegories, but they have all failed because they never intended to reveal the most vital truths — and when they do, they make it sound confusing to their readers.

The conclusion is crystal clear: when working with the Laws of Creation we are protected and can create abundance, and as long as our free-will works within the Laws.

Let’s never forget that we are engaged in a metaphysical battle for the Truth.



Brigitte Kayser — The Mind Awakened

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