Conclusion: It Is All About Energy Conservation


The entire system is even depleting us of our emotions and only a return to equilibrium and moderation can fix that.

It occurs to us that the core issue is pretty self-similar across scales, it is a universal law, and as long as we do not seriously reconsider our premises, we’ll continue to go down the road.

Every day a little bit more.

A vast majority still think that we just can do whatever we like doing without any consequences as long as our man-made laws okay whatever behaviors. Would it be either about hoarding, pillaging resources using renewables as an excuse, or that we have the free will to self-indulge (sex, booze, food). Rampant addiction and obesity are huge social issues. In 2014, there already were 2.1bn of the global adult population being obese. People usually indulge themselves in booze as an escape from our oppressive lifestyle.

Alas, it couldn’t be farther from the truth. We can blame the food industry — or the inefficiency of the drug war — as much as we want, the fact is that fixing the problem will require “mental strength” and quitting all gluttonous behaviors.

One of the main lessons we are faced with is the duty to acquire a better understanding of what self-governance and self-discipline really entail.

As much as ecological prevention comes from energy conservation, human rapports too have to avoid being coercively consumed but our culture teaches the exact opposite. Anyone who doesn’t agree is quickly labeled as a bigot or a conservative in the lesser case.

Moreover, when we really look closely, it is that very self-indulgence that has pushed the entire planet toward the edge of the precipice.

The model of Nature is what we must apply to our very lives as well. No energy is wasted in Nature. Nature recycles everything. So if the sum of human emotions is not continually redirected toward any form of societal betterment, we are just framing ourselves into a corner ever further.

This is a Natural Law.

Everything in nature is in a perfect state of equilibrium “IF” left alone. That is why any form of interventionism has to be seriously questioned and rejected since the prime cause of suffering is coercion.

Self-indulgence is embedded in the monetary dynamics contending that anything we can’t profit from has to be discarded, and as a result, we exploit each other to various degrees.

Even sexually. Many relationships are based on sexual domination but sold to us as the norm because the porn industry has transformed people into weirdos accepting to push the boundaries endlessly. The more orgasms the merrier. Today both genders feel that it is their right to be treated as commodities. Even toddlers now are taken to gay pride. If we cannot allow kids to be kids anymore and discover with other kids at their own pace, but force on them adult values instead, then it is like begging for our species to be annihilated.

The bottom line here is that the entire system is designed to deplete us of our emotions, in one way or another. That very prevailing state of mind is what prevents us from doing things right to decrease our consumption dramatically and choose aggressive recycling instead.

We only can do what we want to until a certain point: all unfettered pursuits always end up with the same outcome: back to square one.

Mastering balance in our choices and every action is key. In this blog, we merely want to address that all the dots are connected and that we cannot hope to fix the planet when keeping issues separated.

This is the (good) karma of peace and abundance and we are about to learn it the very hard way. The Laws of Nature are ultimate: keep yourself centered and don’t burn out your life fuel within… or get into trouble.



Brigitte Kayser — The Mind Awakened

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