Alan Watts On Kundalini Tantric Sexual Practice

And why you should absolutely care about sexual enlightenment!

The secret of Tantric relationship and why it does matter that we understand the true meaning of Sexuality.

Have you ever wondered why so many relationships go through crises and allow jealousy or a loss of self-esteem to lessen (and destroy) romantic feelings over time?

Yes, as you may have noticed, this blog is in favor of “sacred relationships”. Our society is today cultivating sexual hyperconsumerism as a dogma. Even psychologists have consistently pushed down our throats that healthy sexuality is the foundation of happiness… but what do they mean by that exactly? It is as if one has to quantify the number of intercourse needed to feel satisfied

Additionally, in any relationship, when the fire of passion starts waning, it will become quite noticeable that one of the partners has fewer sexual expectations than the other.

And this does happen for a very reason!

Coincidence does not exist if you are familiar with the theory of synchronicity. The Universe works in its own ways to make us understand The Cosmic Law Of Sexual Love.

Pornography rather teaches “the more, the merrier” and has normalized sexual gluttony. But the human brain is also a programmable device and if told enough that sexuality must be consumed every day, eventually a lack of self-esteem — or feeling of rejection — will take hold because having sex daily is merely unsustainable.

We first need to honestly assess the impact of society on our psyches to understand that what we are taught and told has a serious potential to generate dissatisfaction, jealousy — and even breakups.

As a matter of fact, partners must discover their own synchronicity without forcing sexuality, one way or another. Each lover must learn about the virtue of patience and accept that the mate cannot be at the service of their fantasies.

Such a situation has been described countless times in movies also: a lack of romantic synchronicity creates misunderstanding or even frustration, itself demanding that the unavailable lover becomes more aware of the needs of his/her partner. But in the long run, it does rarely play out that way. What too often happens is that such expectations will end up generating a status quo that will begin to instill resentment over time.

The secret here is patience. Cultivating patience until both lovers are equally ready to experience physical love

Allowing it to happen without forcing one’s desire on the other. A motion that is more contemplative than active. And when allowing that very motion, each partner will become the other. That is when Enlightenment takes place, caused by the motion of both Kundalini.

There lies the powerful secret of Sexuality creating a real and very lasting bond. Of course, every intercourse does not need to remain in the contemplative state without an orgasm, but every couple should seriously consider this Tantric practice on a regular basis to keep the passion alive and kicking!

Kundalini Tantric Sexual Practice ~ By Alan Watts



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