Natural Laws And The Termination Of ‘Millions Of Geniuses’ (another look at abortion)

A Massive Realization That 98% Are Born Geniuses Would Have Tremendous Societal Implications!

Our western society is on its death bed, actually dying a very slow death which is caused by the irrationality of our materialistic lifestyle itself. As you read this 60% of Americans are going from paycheck to paycheck and including those who earn $250K or more reported CNBC two weeks ago.

Here in the US, one million abortions are performed each year according to the American Progress website. On the MSM we just read that the abortion rate went up 8% since 2017. Financial hardship often pushes such numbers higher: a 2015 Greek study contended that abortions had doubled during the economic crisis, while births had fallen 30 percent. While many people fret about overpopulation the current trend is an underpopulation crisis that has gone worldwide and is becoming a “new normal”.

Generally and sadly it’s among the low-income bracket that we find the highest abortion rate. China on the other end is making a u-turn and restricting its access to counter its shrinking population since 2017. It is also a well-known fact that in India sex-selective abortion is pretty common and fueled by the dowry laws and costs of raising a girl.

My body, my choice… or my wallet, my choice?

Interestingly, capitalism and its endless growth mantra is also looking at the issue and estimates that the loss of lives to abortion causes a loss of between $70 billion and $135 billion of economic activity though many ascertain that banning abortion could increase poverty rate.

But with our $300 trillion global debt bubble ready to implode, it is easy to predict what is going to happen because chances are that the termination of pregnancy will eventually be declared as a new form of a pandemic while world governments will seize the opportunity to control the birth rate under the guise to “manage climate change” and other agendas. Many Sci-Fi flicks have touted the subject already, and coincidentally we can rest assured that “artificial wombs” handled by General Intelligence will eventually be ready to take over our birthrights to reproduce. AI was never meant to be this friendly tech designed to protect us from societal flaws. The sooner this becomes a widespread realization, the better and the sooner we’ll be able to pull the plug on AI!

But right now and long story short, women’s right to choose is being manipulated by a fake reality.

Many American women seem to ignore that the birth rate is plunging in the country and about 1.6. There are not enough children to pay for the pension scheme (liabilities) making the US debt alone weigh $123 trillion!

That’s nearly $796,000 per household!

There is no surprise as to why abortion has become a political battle worldwide, but it is what happens when allowing a ruling ideology to manage our personal affairs. It’s pretty blatant that there is just more at stake than the (so-called) “freedom of choice” and the “right to live”.

Not to mention that the two sides of the spectrum support the war machine which is clearly anti-life, but we’ll keep that topic for another blog.

Abortion is much more about economics than anything else, but since our economic model is in dire shape, we thought about offering a third way to comprehend why the politics of divide and conquer are indeed fatally flawed.

Here is something that a vast majority ignores and why only respect for life will bring about equilibrium.

Considering that 98% of kids are born geniuses but dumbed down by the education system according to a NASA study, we ought to seriously question the critical thinking of any adults not trying to figure out ways to lower the abortion rate drastically. Because there are solutions other than abortion, but that would first require a system change, hence a radically different mindset.

How ready are you for a paradigm shift?

That is what we’d focus on instead and realize that the real problem is that our economy is mainly “death oriented”. A mere consequence of patriarchy and competition, a framework that rewards “problem creation” before anything else because it lacks a nurturing foundation. Ever wondered why despite all the billions poured into charities makes so little difference — look no further! 99% run on a debt thread mill and can barely survive. We’re relentlessly hearing that climate change and overpopulation have caused the mess we’re in, but it is a monumental lie.

Corporations are the most pathological destroyers our planet has ever seen, and nothing is done to stop them. We really need to find ways to overcome our hopium addiction and the sooner, the better. Though one thing is certain: we won’t discover any long-term solutions as long as we tolerate war, the chemical poisoning of the air we breathe, the food supply, and pollution of our waterways.

All dots are connected!

We want the right to do as we please, but it’s an illusion when looking at the big picture. Both pro-choice and pro-life are ideologies that won’t save us from the Great Reset, will they?

We need a new system and until we get it right we must resist falling for either side of the fence.

We are being distracted so that the death society can continue to prosper and terminate millions of fetuses that could share their genius for the greater good but are aborted because a majority is manipulated by a system and cannot think far enough!

If most knew this, they would also start looking at pregnancy as an Act of Creation requiring a huge deal of integrity, to begin with, and (re)discover that our purpose is to fall in Love with Life. Sexuality and children would then be seen as“sacred”. The implications would be tremendous as society would also finally be geared toward healing from all traumas (mental and physical) generated by the competition model and which is the direct consequence of monetarism.

One way or another humanity will have to end trading life for good and that moment is getting closer by the day!

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