A Decade-Long Study Debunks The ‘Low Seratonin’ Fairytale!

And Why The Gift ‘Economy’ Would Transform Our Minds For The Better

What a day, yet another day into the rabbit hole that has become society! Yes, that’s right, and you may expect that many will use what you are about to read to discredit Big Pharma again, though this time we shouldn’t call them “conspiracy theorists” because this is not a theory anymore but a fact!

What you are about to read will have tremendous and far-reaching implications. Another Omen signaling that we’ve entered the Age of Aquarius. The veil is lifting for those willing to look at things the way they really are.

The Elephant in the room that is.

The truth is out and can no longer be shoveled under the rug. We’re talking of a decade-long study whose results were published recently and seriously challenging the infamous DSM series that keeps getting “fatter” as time passes by.

Infamous because it is not just the alleged serotonin that we find at the center of the debate but so many other factors contributing to the making of a cognitively sick society.

It is incredible the amount of data available out there which obviously reveals the shaky academic foundation of the DSM that has evolved under the spell of the pharmaceutical industry since its inception.

Today healthcare no longer espouses the “Hippocratic Oath” but is into sick care and how to keep us hooked on pills for this and that. To give you an example, this Forbes article published in 2019 offers a good hint of the systemic problem that we’re faced with: it reads that Millennials (born 1980–2000) are the largest and most educated generation. But, they are also the most unhealthy.

While experts scratch their heads over this reality, not that many will take into account that the population increasingly suffers from poor lifestyle choices.

It has little to do with the DNA because we’re what we eat: what we ingest has the power to disrupt our DNA; this matter is epigenetics. The environment continually communicates with our guts, and unhealthy guts are the starting point of metabolic problems. Although such an acknowledgment is quite mainstream, many doctors are tied to Big Pharma and must keep writing drug prescriptions, or they can just kiss their perks goodbye.

Capitalism (obssession with seeking profits) is the real disease and cancer!

Going back to the headline of this blog, indeed, decades of research were unable to validate the link between depression and low serotonin levels, concluded a comprehensive review released by the University College London on ScienceDaily in July 2022. Here is a short paragraph:

The researchers say their findings are important as studies show that as many as 85–90% of the public believes that depression is caused by low serotonin or a chemical imbalance. A growing number of scientists and professional bodies are recognising the chemical imbalance framing as an over-simplification

Science is fast to bash religious faith for irrationality in humans, and oddly enough 85–90% have had blind faith in science. How do we correct this?

We encourage you to look for the extensive work of Gabor Mate who dedicated his life to the origins of addiction, depression, and their treatments.

As we said above, the truth is now out of the closet, and to add to the injury, there is almost no long-term research on the effects of anti-depressants’ long-term use despite the fact that millions of people take them. Yet many SSRIs have severe side effects. So how can we trust the pharmaceutical industry?

Salon Magazine wrote a few weeks ago: “Depression may not stem from a “chemical imbalance” after all — suggesting the problem is social”. When you scroll down the article, you come across a few lines about the late Mark Fisher, a cultural critic, and philosopher who already argued in 2011 that Capitalism is the core issue in his essay titled “The Privatization of Stress”. Salon Mag also has a piece about it.

By the way, the documentary ‘Generation Rx’ was originally released in November 2008 and is available on Youtube. (watch)

You’ll find many articles or blogs on the internet condemning Capitalism for our state of affairs but which offer no real solutions at all. Socialism cannot be the answer because it too needs to generate profit to “redistribute wealth” — by force.

What Humanity desperately needs is a Gift Economy!

Many proactive thinkers are promoting the concept though, but Charles Eisenstein is a good start if you aren’t yet familiar with the topic. The Gift Economy demonstrates that generosity and sharing enhance the life of everybody. Poverty is one of the consequences of competition. If a majority understood this money wouldn’t even be necessary anymore. This is our stance for that matter

Eventually, it will become crystal clear that OCD, ADD, narcissism, sociopathy, gender dysphoria, dementia, MS, eating disorders, and autism are too cognitive ailments generated by Capitalism. Just wait!

Human beings are not suited for 9 to 5 jobs and live in the perpetual anxiety of being left behind by competitors, waking up, and constantly worrying about making ends meet. As you read this 65% of Americans are losing sleep over materialistic concerns.

Human beings are born to create and take care of their immediate needs, but society teaches that having wants is a prerogative that we must fulfill to live happily ever after.

It is now time to end society’s cognitive dissonance for good and step outside the box!



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