We can’t win everything if we don’t accept to lose everything first.

Four people protesting at a New York City Applebee’s outlet over its vaccine mandate were arrested Wednesday night… NYPD Kicks Out Mom, Child from Restaurant for Being Unvaxxed… (see video)

Folks, we have reached the absolute dead-end and…

Education tells us to worship the future in order to avoid a repeat of the past. WRONG!

We’ve ve already stressed that a system fully transparent would make it extremely difficult to achieve profits because money represents circulating data and withholding it restricts (involuntarily or not) the flow of information…

Keeping evil at bay has to become a daily intention to bring about the love for life and societal betterment

At some point there will come a face to face with evil to understand how good can be achieved… as much as good knows everything about evil to not go…

Brigitte Kayser — The Mind Awakened

Metaphilosophy, metaphysics, economics, social & individual healing, AI, voluntaryism. Thought provoking without running around the bush.

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