We have been on a collision course for many centuries.

The fact that competition is inimical to societal betterment is today heavily documented and evidenced by biology, not to mention that many (real) gurus and spiritualists have warned us about this throughout history.

Stress has been found to rearrange our brain patterns turning the adrenaline and cortisol buttons on and off. Competition is very stressful. There is nothing more threatening than the fear to be left behind if not competing enough.

Over time and it is proven by biology again, we end up being addicted to stress because the cravings…

There is no middle of the road.

In our society, we have to ask permission for almost anything, the covid crisis has just added another foggy layer to the mix. Well, it really is the cherry on the cake, let’s not mince our words. The Great Reset is only beginning. By 2025, we’ll own nothing as World Economic Forum declares on its website. It is well known that fewer belongings and more life experiences make one happier, but it is not the rosy scenario the WEF has for us in the store at all.

There is no middle of the…

This is the modern dark age and we need to wake up!

It always strikes us as odd when we hear people putting so much faith into the current scientific model but then mock the gods and goddesses of the world to claim intelligence supremacy over our barbarian ancestors. This is how the History Cartel wants us to remember the past. But were they truly barbarians?

The rise of “blood spilling patriarchy” changed everything. It is said that Babylon designed first the patriarchal model in the region.

While crowds definitely were barbarian-minded, their elites had grasped the mysteries of life…

And That’s Reality!

No breaking news here but it is interesting that such a concept, Nothing Is real, is on the verge of becoming an acceptable consensus. And this is going to serve our advocacy for the end of any form of exploitation. The pseudoscience label is vanishing fast now.

Michio Kaku has never really been a fav of ours but we have to nod at him saying that anything that cannot be verified does not logically exist BUT consciousness is needed to verify that. Consciousness too is an energy field.

There lies the real catch 22 and which means…

The Green Market Is Far From Being Green!

For many years we thought honest money was the solution to world issues and that the green movement didn’t get it and was part of the problem, but 7 years ago or so, we had to realize that the major flaws lied in the economic paradigm of the “sky is the limit” and which fuels an aberration called “meritocracy”.

Meritocracy hurts everyone because it makes us complacent about poverty and structural violence, and even seems to justify depopulation! Meritocracy institutionalizes the notion of “necessary evil”. And of course, this new understanding radically…

Natural Laws Made Sure That Nobody Could Take Over

Once we know how something works, we do not need anybody to tell us what to do, contends Braden in this video.

And this is the very reason why power is a grand illusion but we’re nonetheless taught to capitalize on ‘business might’ because on the surface it does make one look smarter to access any particular data ignored by a majority. Though the Great Reset is kicking in inexorably and our way of seeing life is disintegrating very rapidly.

The truth is that any bit of knowledge that isn’t shared…

We Must Stop Controlling Nature!

Regardless of any belief system, Natural Laws (not laws created by humans) will always have the final word. So where does that leave us since Natural Laws prove the sentience of the Universe? All is energy, matter is self-aware, and it is a truth that both theists and non-theists will have to deal with eventually as the latter also proves that everything is connected.

There Is Something VERY Wrong With The Way We Think

We listened to Alan Watts several times. His words definitely resonate with the metaphilosophy we have shared via our blog and video materials over the years. In a nutshell, and since…

When all the dots are connected

It occurs to us that the core issue is pretty self-similar across scales, it is a universal law, and as long as we do not seriously reconsider our premises, we’ll continue to go down the road.

Every day a little bit more.

A vast majority still think that we just can do whatever we like doing without any consequences as long as our man-made laws okay whatever behaviors. Would it be either about hoarding, pillaging resources using renewables as an excuse, or that we have the free will to self-indulge (sex, booze, food). Rampant…

We need to treat our bodies as Temples, and doing this will set forward the much needed planetary healing.

Mentioning the name “Pythagoras” triggers the image of an erudite character that dedicated his life to mathematics, Geometry, and Numerology in particular. He also wrote the music theory which was used to design the “Tuning Forks”. In short, he was a man of great wisdom who merged the metaphysical and the physical, and what mainstream science would never tell you about.

Strangely, Pythagoras’ direct writings seem to have vanished from the surface of the earth, but people quoting him abound. …

We won’t resolve the conundrum unless we begin to care about life.

If we never see Erin Brokovitch invited by any mainstream TV anchor, there is no need to think too far. Controlling perceptions is everything. So after 4 years of Trump-EPA bashing, the so-called progressives would rather prefer such news not to go viral: Biden’s choice is very telling about the establishment again.

Although we praise Erin’s activism, we chose this guardian.uk article to remind the World of the ticking clock. …

Brigitte Kayser — The Mind Awakened

Metaphilosophy, metaphysics, economics, social & individual healing, AI, voluntaryism. Thought provoking without running around the bush.

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