Nature gifted human beings with specific traits to help humanity thrive and develop a harmonious planet.

Lately, we have been pondering the concept of fairness and what it really entails because fairness cannot depend on subjectivity nor logic either but the awareness of several factors such as empathy and perception.

Time to reevaluate the notion of value morphing every human being into a “resource”.

This blog will not deny the reality that violent acts may happen but rather focuses on the conditions fueling the emergence of mass aggression instead. Some authors, under the influence of moral relativism, might write hundreds…

Lots of suffering has been inflicted to secure one of few eternal truths regulating this universe.

There is a quote saying that anybody choosing security over freedom deserves neither. More than ever, that very quote is about to be entirely validated.

We have come a long way to finally get…

What if the mind controls our diet preferences?

To answer our headline, we think so but there is a compelling twist and which we are going to attempt to explain as clearly and succinctly as possible.

First and foremost, we should keep in mind that the “model” is a myth…

Why “trusting” the science is keeping us trapped by those in the know

You have surely noticed the two particular trends amid this ever-growing crisis. On one end, we have a blatant debate avoidance between people who disagree but will prioritize their jobs, household harmony, and friendship. The other category…

We have been on a collision course for many centuries.

The fact that competition is inimical to societal betterment is today heavily documented and evidenced by biology, not to mention that many (real) gurus and spiritualists have warned us about this throughout history.

Stress has been found to rearrange our…

There is no middle of the road.

In our society, we have to ask permission for almost anything, the covid crisis has just added another foggy layer to the mix. Well, it really is the cherry on the cake, let’s not mince our words. The Great Reset is only beginning…

This is the modern dark age and we need to wake up!

It always strikes us as odd when we hear people putting so much faith into the current scientific model but then mock the gods and goddesses of the world to claim intelligence supremacy over our barbarian ancestors. This…

And That’s Reality!

No breaking news here but it is interesting that such a concept, Nothing Is real, is on the verge of becoming an acceptable consensus. And this is going to serve our advocacy for the end of any form of exploitation. The pseudoscience label is vanishing fast now.

The Green Market Is Far From Being Green!

For many years we thought honest money was the solution to world issues and that the green movement didn’t get it and was part of the problem, but 7 years ago or so, we had to realize that the major flaws lied…

Brigitte Kayser — The Mind Awakened

Metaphilosophy, metaphysics, economics, social & individual healing, AI, voluntaryism. Thought provoking without running around the bush.

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